NEP : POP NOT POP (SONGS FOR NEW EUROPE 1985-1989) [Fox & His Friends]

Catalogue : Fox & His Friends / FOX005LP
Format : LP, Vinyl, Limited Edition
Condition : New
Country : Croatia
Released : 2020
Genre : Pop, Electronic, Synth Pop

NEP was a loose multimedia collective formed in 1982 Zagreb, ex-Yugoslavia. The founder Dejan Krsic collaborated with various artists in a quest of re-thinking the stale concepts of art history, position of the author and the barriers between pop and elitist high culture. Heavily influenced by Walter Benjamin and Andy Warhol in theory and Brian Eno and Kraftwerk in music, Krsic created NEP as an umbrella term (NEP meaning Nova Evropa or New Europe) of diverse rule-breaking activities, covering graphic design, music, photography, video, news-media and theoretical work.
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