OLUKO IMO : PRAISE JAH [ Invisible City Editions ]


Catalogue : Invisible City Editions / E-012
Format : EP
Condition : New, Reissue, Repress
Country : Canada
Released : 2016
Genre : House, Disco

Oluko Imo was a Trinidadian born multi-instrumentalist, founder of the legendary spiritual afro jazz groups Mansa Musa and the Black Truth Rhythm Band.
He moved to New York City in the 80s and divided his time between teaching music there and touring Africa with Fela Kuti as both his manager and part of the band.
Praise Jah is Imo’s crowning achievement. An elevated electronic mantra that perfectly fuses synthy soca disco with his spiritual afro-Trinidadian leanings. It’s a timeless piece of music that sounds as visionary today as it did when it emerged from the aether back in 1979.
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