Catalogue : Brownswood / BWOOD0142LPO
Format : LP
Condition : New
Country : UΚ
Released : 2015
Genre : Electronic, Afrobeat

‘Nyanza’ is the third album from the cross-cultural, boundary surpassing Owiny Sigoma Band. For their third offering, the band travelled to the Nyanza Province of Western Kenya - home of their two members Joseph Nyamungu and Charles Owoko - to explore the birthplace of Luo music. 
Mirroring their journey, the music on this record see the band move forward sonically, rolling through a myriad of influences from dub, techno, and dance in a way that all feels completely natural and at home alongside the traditional Luo sounds. Much of the instrumentation was recorded at their rented house in Kisumu - listen carefully and you will here many ambient sounds from chickens to rainstorms. The result is a string of striking tracks, the music always feeling raw and organic, the rhythms and sounds reflecting the spontaneous jams from which the record was born. 
Nyanza is a truly unique record, a faultless melting pot of disparate sounds, one that reflects the ambience and energy of the environments in which it was made. Arresting electronic grooves fit side by side with soft Lou singing and traditional Nyatiti music to create yet another pivotal moment in the turning cogs of this intoxicating, often surprising, soundclash. 
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