Catalogue : Sneaker Social Club  ‎/ SNKR040
Format : EP
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2023
Genre : Drum & Bass, Bass

Tapping in that Amiga science like no one else can, Dev Pandya returns to Sneaker Social Club with another pair of razor sharp constructions. At this point the man’s legendary status in the field of drumfunk isn’t in need of discussion, but what we have here is another two unshakeable demonstrations of his skill, surefootedness and versatility at distinct tempos, in pursuit of distinct vibes.
'Beatbreaker’ is a devastatingly lean workout which sets the breaks out in a stark sonic space, giving them an almost gallery-like prominence to be considered the works of art they are. This doesn’t come at the expense of the dance, as the pressure gets dialed in with deadly precision – you can feel every additional hat, every extra rattle on the snare, and your dopamine receptors respond in kind. It’s junglist minimalism at its absolute best.
Tapping into the downtempo tendencies Pandya has beyond D&B, ‘Detronic’ is an astounding B-side trip which splays out dub techno chord blooms over the top of a crooked broken beat with a rough bite that cuts through the backroom ambience. Across a seven-minute runtime this piece unfurls with a similar patience to the A side, even if the intended destinations are wholly different from each other. Locking into a theme and exploring it with a cool headed focus, we’re reminded one simple idea executed to perfection is all a true master craftsman needs. 
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