Catalogue : Now Again / NA5061
Format : 2LP
Condition : Used / NM /NM
Country : US
Released : 2010
Genre : Electronic, Hip Hop

This album is based entirely around the music of ST Mikael, an incredible Swedish psych-rock artist who has been recording weird and wonderful records since the 1990s.
Mikael’s music is heavy on Eastern influences and otherworldly concerns, and ranges from searing electric guitar-led dirges to dreamlike ballads to ghostly atmospheric experiments. Sometimes all within the same song.
Paul White has reimagined and remoulded and Mikael's sounds, and added his own, to make an intriguing and mesmerising album that sounds unlike anyone else but him. It's recognisably hip hop (just check 'Marshen Signals') but it's psychedelic, spontaneous and free in a way that seems far from most definitions of the genre today. A fascinating album from a fascinating producer. 
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