Catalogue : Rough Trade / VG50148
Format : Vinyl, LP, Album
Condition : Used / Near Mint
Country : Greece

Released : 1985
Genre : Electronic, Synth Pop


Old Rottenhat is the fourth studio album by Robert Wyattreleased in November 1985. The album was produced and performed solo by Wyatt, and is dedicated to Michael Bettaney, a UK MI5 intelligence officer who in 1984 was convicted for acting as an agent-in-place for the Soviet Union. Wyatt’s first LP in ten years arrived in the mid-80s and was unsurprisingly poignant in its analysis of the self-regarding destruction meted out by Thatcherism. The record contrasts in its very real sense of disappointment with the way things are with a determination to wonder at the strength and resolve of the human spirit.