Catalogue : EM / EM1110LP
Format : LP
Condition : New
Country : Japan
Released : 2013
Genre : Electronic Jazz

"Mystiphonic" is the third release from Roland P. Young on EM. It is the fruit of two years of recordings at Young's Isophonic Sound Laboratory in Brooklyn, "comprovisations" which are more electronic than the previous EM releases, and yet this LP retains Young's emotional life-long horn playing, a romance which began in his youth in Kansas City. Also carrying on from previous releases is the all-encompassing warmth and organic/oceanic feeling of Young's music, a rootedness that has been present since his early exposure to Charlie Parker, on through his San Francisco years and ever forward, linking past, present and future through deep American soil to his world-embracing current music, all united through his "Isophonic" philosophy. The "Mystiphonic" blend of electronics, percussion and horns is one of subtle beauty, sure to please Young's fans while attracting new admirers.
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