Catalogue. : Great Tracks / MHJL 139
Format : EP, Limited
Condition :  New
Country : japan
Released : 2020
Genre : Synth Pop Electro

A compilation EP in which four songs have been selected for the label “GREAT TRACKS” and which are compiled into a 12-inch 45-rpm analog record that is renowned for the high-quality sound by record fans.
Total 4 songs are included featuring “STEPPIN’ INTO ASIA”, which a demo tape sent to a radio program was the start for the production in 1985 and 2 songs, “Koudo Kougen” and “Ballet Mecanique” from the album “Mirai-Ha Yaro” released in 1986. In addition, “BEHIND THE MASK”, which was recorded in the studio with band members after the 1987 NEOGEO tour.
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