SAKI 夢 : サイバー魚 CYBERFISH [Tiger Blood Tapes]

Catalogue : Tiger Blood Tapes / TBT059
Format : 2LP, Album, Limited Edition, Sea Blue
Condition : New
Country : Canada
Released : 2022
Genre : Electronic, Vaporwave

Originally slated for release via Neetspeak Records back in 2016, Cyberfish served as the direct sequel to Saki's "Lost In A Dream 夢の中で失われました" Debut. This album, similar in tone and theme to Saki's "Seacave 海食洞," recalls Saki's nightmare of an underwater, industrialist hellscape. Saki must dive deep into the mechanical depths of his dream to escape and awaken. But once he wakes up from this dream, he will be "awake" to all things around him forever.
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