Catalogue : Inperspective / INP032
Format : 2LP, Vinyl
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2021
Genre : Industrial, Drum & Bass

Shiken Hanzo is an artist not easily forgotten. His sound splices the fractious traditions of jungle with more ambient touches and this hybridisation has us incredibly excited to bring you his first full length album - 'Fate Worlds'. In doing so, his boundless creativity is brandished through complete artistic freedom. The result is a special blend of foreboding atmospherics and tightly-bound percussive force, an odyssey of an album which takes influences from across the jungle spectrum and twists them into a unique musical journey. Hanzo's record on label's like Samurai Music and Cylon Recordings is clearly audible, a palpable legacy that has given breadth to his current creative purpose: to make ever-evolving music with no respect for conventions or boundaries.
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