Catalogue : Hypermedium / HMDM004
Format : EP, Limited Edition
Condition : New
Country : Greece
Released : 2018
Genre : Techno, Tribal

Having previously caused a sensation with his releases on labels such as Enchufada and NAAFI, Siete Catorce delivers four supreme cuts for his Hypermedium debut, packed with his futuristic rhythmic craft and his highly hybridised sonic language. 
Agnosia finds the Mexicali-based producer joining the dots between cumbia’s seductive syncopations, the entrancing club-driven beats of tribal guarachero and ruidosón’s spooky experimentation. Merging Mexican traditional rhythms and contemporary dance motifs, the EP’s playfulness is further highlighted by imposing basslines, airy synths and eclectic glitches - its occasional sparse atmosphere quickly escalating to reveal some intricate, compulsive drum work. Exquisitely intense, Agnosia is undoubtedly Siete Catorce’s tour de force, revealing in every detail the finest textures of an ever-expanding affective continuum. 
Opening track Risa is a kaleidoscopic wavering maze moulded from recurring percussive strata, seductive breathers, synaptic vocal scraps and punctual claps determined to knock you off your seat. Canto is a deep, dissonant mix of sparse and spacious drumming along with gloomy, hypnotic sweeps and unsettling slaps of bass, while Susurro drives home Siete’s efficiency to create a feverish pulse and absolutely dizzying melodic lines in a fiery head-spinning shaker. In quite straightforward fashion, Diálogo takes advantage of a distinctive galloping beat and fleshy bass to create a crisp and pressurised slow-burner. Totally irresistible, Agnosia marks a new landmark in Siete Catorce’s ceaseless endeavour to push the sounds of Latin America towards the future through successive rounds of rhythmic disruptions.
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