Catalogue : Hubro / HUBROCD3536
Format : LP+CD
Condition : New
Country : Norway
Released : 2013
Genre : Experimental

Kongekrabbe is the democratic/anarchistic band Skadedyr’s debut album. They have swiftly gained a reputation as one of Norway’s most exciting ensembles. Skadedyr consists of a total of 12 musicians and an even larger assortment of instruments. With a brass section, guitars, keyboards, vocals, two drummers, strings and an accordion, the musical images and narratives just pour out of them.
Skadedyr was founded by Heiða Karine Jóhannesdóttir Mobeck and Anja Lauvdal, who also played in the now disbanded group Your Headlights Are On. These two musicians are also the driving force behind the inventive material on Skadedyr’s debut album. The members of the band rehearse and arrange all the music jointly – without notes, but with wide-open ears and eyes. Young, promising musicians from bands such as Moskus, Broen Ósk, Karokh, Snøskred, Skrap and Hullyboo are also part of the ensemble.
The album was recorded live in the studio in the course of only one day with producer Andreas Mjøs (Jaga Jazzist), and bears witness to an extraordinarily coherent and original band with an appreciation of both the psychedelic, progressive and outrageous and the earthy and melodious aspects of music. The musicians in Skadedyr accept no limits and deny themselves nothing. They derive inspiration from every type of music that they love, and the large number of players enables them to let themselves loose in a correspondingly broad musical landscape.
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