Catalogue : Ok Nature / OKNR04
Format :  LP, Vinyl 
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2022
Genre : Synth Pop, New Wave

 Racing HeartThe edge and spill of my heart and body together
I Changed My Mind
Lying in a hotel as water begins to rush out from under my bed.  
I open my eyes.
All Mine Now
My body unleashes vivid visions and desires out of my pulsing cervix.
Give Me
Wandering the bars and pleasure quarters. All my senses on fire.
Imagination is a lover that I surrender to.
Link Of Truth
Mind is shapely. Music is shapely.
Awake, delight, challenge my consciousness.
War Of The Hearts
A supplication in this dream.
In tranced fixation dreaming upon touching soft skin.
Memories are silent, the present is infinitely resounding.
Hallucinations, riding around town in cabs.
Lidded eyes and clasped hands.
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Email Me If Price Drops