THEO PARRISH : WUDDAJI [Sound Signature]

Catalogue : Sound Signature / SS079/80/81
Format : 3LP, Vinyl
Condition : New
Country : US
Released : 2020
Genre : Techno, House, Detroit Techno

Theo Parrish's latest album, Wuddaji, comes with an insert explaining the album art, informing the buyer that it is a map of Idlewild. Idlewild is a community located in northwestern Michigan that plays a relatively unknown but nevertheless important role in Black history. Founded in the early 1900s, it served as a resort and vacation destination for African Americans, especially for the middle class of the metro Detroit and Chicago areas. This was a refuge, a place where Black people could partake in a sliver of the American Dream while wider segregation kept most pleasures well out of reach. In an ironic turn of events, attendance and population fell as the Civil Rights Era brought opportunity for a once dedicated community to partake where once they were forbidden. As the words on the map of Idlewild state, many people stayed, continuing to keep the tradition and memory alive.
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