Catalogue : Rvng Intl. / RVNGNL105
Format : LP, Vinyl
Condition : New
Country : USA
Released : 2023
Genre : New Classical, AmbientAcross the arc of Tristan Allen’s epiphanic, four-part journey, Tin Iso and the Dawn, the New York based composer and puppeteer brings sonic life to a fantastical realm of characters whose universal longings mirror our own. In the first release of this mythic trilogy, intricate sound design and spellbinding leitmotifs make sense of loss and what’s beyond.

By composing for acoustic instruments, arranging and processing electronically, and performing the music through puppetry, Tin Iso emerged as the project that could finally satisfy Tristan’s desire to consolidate and cohere wide-ranging musical interests and an unyielding fascination for fantasy and myth. Combining music and puppetry allowed Tristan to build an imaginary world from scratch. Channeling their awe of folklore through a love of storytelling and the liberatory potential of musical composition, Tin Iso quickly took shape as a creation myth, a fable of how things came to be for a world Tristan hopes to traverse for years to come.
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Email Me If Price Drops