TROPIC OF CANCER [ Blackest Ever Black ]


Catalogue : Blackest Ever Black / DL005
Format : 2LP
Condition : New
Country : UK

Released : 2013
Genre : Electronic, Wave

Since their inception in 2009, Tropic Of Cancer's chilling post-punk has amassed them a loyal following. Blackest Ever Black are behind their full length album 'Restless Idylls', a bleak, deadpan but darkly romantic record. With original co-founder Juan Mendez now departed, it's a solo effort by LA's Camella Lobo. However, Downwards head Karl O'Connor lends a veteran's touch with additional production duties. Opening with the icy, synthesised landscape of 'Plant Lillies At My Head', Lobo progresses through drum-machine driven, doomy cold-wave - 'Court Of Devotion' - sparse and ghostly, glimmering guitars - 'Hardest Day' - and ragged, yearning, drone - 'More Alone'. As the final pattering drums and shards of synthesizer uncurl on final track 'Rites Of The Wild', it becomes clear that this is a personal album for one so steely, grandiose drama rippling through its dark depths, emotions sounding like they are balanced on the edge of a knife.