TURN ON THE SUNLIGHT : S/T [Disques Corde]

Catalogue  :  Disques Corde / DCLP018
Format : LP
Condition : Used / VG+ / NM
Country : Japan
Released : 2016
Genre : American Folk, Neofolk

Turn On The Sunlight is the very special duet project by composer, multi-instrumentalist Jesse Peterson, and producer, visionary Carlos Niño. They deliver an outstanding folk album of gorgeous songs and instrumentals. Mainly acoustic, barefoot and bearded - a repeat after repeat listening masterpiece that massages you softly where it matters. 
With their self titled debut full-length, Turn On The Sunlight, Peterson and Niño have been able to present a focused set of their work together. Comprised of 12 new original songs, recorded over the last 2 years in both New York and Los Angeles, spanning the realms of folk, experimental, guitar soli, soulful California groove, and psychedelia, Turn On The Sunlight is an explorative journey through sound, feeling and dimension.
Unlike any other project that Niño has been involved in, Turn On The Sunlight, and the profound instrumental talents of Peterson, are sure to garner enthusiastic support. The two sing and play a variety of instruments on this expansive, heartfelt release, that, without making too grandiose a comparison, could be described as a dream state where John Fahey and Brian Eno make music about the ocean, the stars and LOVE.
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