VESLEMES : THE WELL [Macadam Mambo]

Catalogue : Macadam Mambo / MMS
Format : LP, Vinyl,
Condition : New
Country : France
Released : 2022
Genre : Electronic, Electro

Macadam Mambo is back to present a new LP by the greek musician Yannis Veslemes.The artist - who has previously appeared on labels such as Byrd Out, Invisble Inc., Won Ton, Optimo Music or Into The Light, under differents projects : Felizol, Steamcut, Sportex or his own name, and composed for movies OST - started to integrate Macadam Mambo on the latest compilation Danzas Electricas vol. 3, and very naturaly proposed his new album. It needs to be said what an honnor to receive such quality music. In term of composition, production and universe it’s a land of influences and uniqueness, in which you will recognise a bit of Yello, Coil, Nick Cave or Igor Wakhevitch vibes embrassing folkloric greek melodies or cosmic pop ballads. It’s brillantly dark, obscure and lightful. A tempest of sensuality and roughness. To say it short it’s EPIC! and will definitely give the recognition that Veslemes deserves as a major composer in Modern Electronic Music. 
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Email Me If Price Drops