Catalogue : Phantom, Islamd / PHI-18
Format : LP
Condition : New
Country : Switzerland
Released : 2020
Genre : Balearic, Electronic

Take a ride with Windsurfer (Jonas Zollinger and Patrick 'Kay-Zee' Hollenstein) on their fresh EP 'The Gone Village'. The A-side leads straight into their musical waters: lo-fi drum machines, synths and vocal shouts set the tone with the tracks 'Ü Hell' and 'The Waves'. Reminiscences of No Wave and Electro Funk shine through, the block party seems to take place right around the corner. The B-side takes a calmer approach: 'We Live As We Dream' is made of percussion and synth patterns that weave together in a mantra-like manner. Finally 'Its a Sony-Battery Love' builds on analogue synths playing a beautiful lullaby, joined by guitar and tape effects, running until the battery seems to be empty.
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Email Me If Price Drops