Catalogue : Bureau B / BB137121
Format : LP, Reissue
Condition : New
Country : Germany
Released : 2017
Genre : Experimental, Electronic

The compilation at hand, Xao Seffcheques electronic phase in the early 80s from both his albums Sehr gut kommt sehr gut (1980) and Ja - nein - vielleicht (1981) (plus unreleased Tracks from 1982) comes in two parts: The songs of SEHR GUT KOMMT SEHR GUT are always satire, persiflage, paraphrase altogether: Reflecting his contemporaries with 80s analogue equipment, this discourse always adds something new and unheard of.
The fact that Seffcheque released that (fake) album as an anticipation of the Neue deutsche welle sell-out did shape those songs audibly by deconstructing the music of essential German bands at that time in order to reassemble them in a very sarcastic way into a whole new context. Whereas the following album, Ja - nein - vielleicht was of a very different kind. 2017: Bureau B releases a completely restored and remastered (Tom Morgenstern) compilation of Xaos best songs from his solo phase; Coverphoto by Richie Gleim, taken during one of the original recording sessions in 1981: furious nonchalance, regardless-of-the-consequences-lunacy and indestructible musical talent. The spirit of that time.
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