Catalogue : Gross Diskos / GD004
Format : Cassette
Condition : New
Country : Greece
Released : 2023
Genre : Krautrock, Post Punk

 Second strike by Gross Diskos for 2023, with a new storming cassette tape of ZOARA’s drumnbass feelgood epos Humanizing the Dancefloor!Dubbed in high quality via Ftochofon Records in Athens (Greece), on upcycled cassettes, the new 4th release from Gross Diskos oozes with the vibrant drum & bass vibes of ZOARA, highly infectious and therapeutic elixir for the bad times and human made tragedies all over this beautiful globe of a home planet.Cassette comes with ZOARA 32mm pin and ZOARA handmade vinyl sticker for ultimate style enhancement! 
Email Me If Price Drops
Email Me If Price Drops